About Orthotiks

Orthotiks give quick, affordable foot pain relief to sufferers and provides allied health professionals with faster, more affordable treatment options to help their patients and grow their business.

The Problem With Feet

Sadly, a high percentage of the population will experience some sort of podiatric problem in their life. For some it’s a minor inconvenience. But for others, it’s agony in the form of:

  • Shooting, tearing pain in the arch of your foot
  • Burning pain in your heel
  • Aching pain in your ankles and legs
  • Dull, nagging pain across your entire foot surface
  • And even referred pain in your hips and lower back

And it can be debilitating, making it impossible to do everyday tasks (like stand in line, walk or run any significant distance, or even get from bed to the toilet at night) without pain. 

The Trouble With Most Solutions

In most cases, the right custom orthotics will relieve and even correct these problems. The trouble is custom orthotics are expensive. And they usually take 2-8 weeks to manufacture and deliver, leaving the patient suffering.   

Yes, there are cheaper, more immediate options, like off-the-shelf innersoles, that can be one tenth the price. But while they may provide some extra cushioning, they do not give any lasting corrective benefit. And often people complain they just make their feet feel squashed.

A New Way To Relieve Feet

After caring for more than 50,000 patients over the past 30+ years, Dr. Burke Hugo (Associate Professor and Acting Head of Division/Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at UWA) discovered that the majority of patients could be helped by orthotics that had very similar qualities*.   

Through years of prescribing custom orthotics, we’ve perfected an orthotic that relieves and corrects these common podiatric problems. It’s called Orthotiks (with a ‘k’). Orthotiks provides the same quality and efficacy of custom-made orthotics, for 70% less, and are available instantly.   

But What About Truly Unique Orthotic Requirements?

While Orthotiks are effective for many of the most common podiatric problems, a small percentage of the population suffer unique challenges that require a custom option. That’s why we created ScriptSprint – the quickest easiest way to get custom orthotics delivered within 10-14 days or less.

Here’s How ScriptSprint Works:

Step 1: Assess Patient

Step 2: Submit a ScriptSprint Form

Step 3: Receive fully custom Orthotiks back within 10-14 days or less with a full 12-month guarantee

Better Outcomes For Podiatrists And Patients

Whether you’re looking for a faster, cheaper, more effective way to get relief from foot pain, or you’re looking for better orthotic treatment options for your patients, Orthotiks is the answer.

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