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"I have had a long history with plantar fasciitis caused by my long standing hours and incorrect footwear as a pharmacist. Adding Ortotiks into my daily footwear has deifnitely been a game changer for me. No more dull aches, and pain. This all thanks to Paul Cummings, one of your excellect team members for introducing this high quality orthotics to me during his visit at our pharmacy.  I also use this for running and it works just as well as my customised insoles. I know it when my insoles are working as I do not get dull aches in my feet straight after a run! I cannot keep quiet about how amazing these insoles are!!"
Kind Regards,

Michelle Tan


Pharmacy 777 Dog Swamp

I cannot keep quiet about how amazing these insoles are. Orthotiks with a K

I just put my Orthotiks through their paces on a six-day traverse of the Western Arthurs in Tasmania. Can highly recommend them. I felt less fatigue at the end of each day.


I have been wearing orthotics for over 30 years through any number of podiatrists and orthotic makers. The results have been mixed and expensive. I have only ever had one pair due to the costs and fitting issues in all types of shoes I have.

I decided to buy a pair of Orthotiks and see how this new product goes knowing that the cost was roughly 20% of my other orthotics.

Have to say, I was really impressed. I started by putting them into a tennis shoe which was always tight and uncomfortable with my other full orthotic. I would say for 50% of all my shoes I don’t wear the full orthotic because of the tightness of fit. The new Orthotiks was remarkably comfortable and the size perfect. I feel like the arch support is ideal, it slides perfectly into place when my foot goes into the shoe.

So I figure I will get 3 pairs to have across all my shoes and still be less than the cost of one of my old orthotics. Pretty easy and very transferable across all my shoes.

It seems like a simple idea and foot product has finally become available in 2023. It tends to be simple ideas which are the most valuable ones.




After denying I needed Orthotics for all of my adult life I finally caved. I have naturally flat feet but they were beginning to ache after simple tasks through out the day, my right foot in particular. Jump forward 5 weeks of wearing Orthotiks and I can’t believe the difference. From the first day they were beyond comfortable. I no longer have any foot pain. I will be buying them for both of my son’s as I am so impressed. Good job Paul. Sorry I didn’t listen sooner. I didn’t think 2 pieces of plastic could make that much difference. Amazing 💗


I walk regularly and was recently fitted by Doctor Burke Hugo with a set of Orthotiks, as I had sore left knee constantly. I put them to the test on a walk from Belmont to West Perth, approximately 12 kilometres and have subsequently worn them ever since.

I no longer have any knee pain with these Orthotiks. I am very happy with them.


“I was provided a pair of Orthotiks to see how they felt and have been wearing them for a month or so.

These Orthotics are brilliant! They feel so comfortable when I’m wearing them-no aching feet at the end of the day.

I have been dealt with flat feet all my life, so I have had to fork out hundreds of dollars for moulds/casts to get the right fitting for custom made orthotics. Since coming across these, I’ll be saving a lot of time, money and pain.

As a Crèche worker, I am on my feet standing/walking all morning, looking after children, so it is especially important for me to have the right kind of comfort, that’s what makes these Orthotics so good.

Yes they are so much better, and comfier, than my previous ones.”

Stacey Williams

I had the opportunity to trial his orthotics, probably at least 8 months ago. I have tried various off the shelf products before with limited success. The research into the design of the orthotics is interesting and impressive. I had some mild discomfort in my knees both bone and tendon as well as some discomfort beginning in the arches of my feet. In a short period of time the issues were resolved. At this point of time I was only wearing them in my sandshoes when on leisure activities or exercising. I then Inserted them into other footwear with success. Though the material the orthotics are made of look uncomfortable, the opposite is actually true. They are sculpted and constructed to aid maximum foot health. I cannot speak of Orthotiks highly enough. They have definitely reduced foot and leg issues I was developing and anecdotally I tend to feel more physically energised throughout the day.

Matt Purser

I recently have been using a pair of Orthotics and I am extremely satisfied with the product. From the moment I put them in my walking shoes, I could tell they were going to be comfortable.

One of the things I love most is that I can hardly feel them when I wear them. They provide the perfect amount of support with our adding any weight or bulk to my shoes. This makes it easy to walk around with our feeling like I have anything extra on my feet.

The fit is also excellent. I was worried that that may not fit properly in my shoes, but the fit like a glove and do not slip or move around at all. They are comfortable and well-fitting.

Overall, I am very happy with my Orthotiks and would recommend them.


these are more comfortable than my expensive prescription orthotics.

Gilly Smith

I was training for a hiking adventure in Tasmania and developed heel pain. I was concerned that this would affect my walking but with these orthotics I could walk pain free.

Vicky Ha

More comfortable than any orthotic I have tried, Custom or otherwise. Being in the profession I have tried hundreds of Orthotics.

Dr Catherine - Senior Lecturer Coordinator, Deputy head of Division Podiatry UWA, after wearing our Semi Custom Insole Orthotics

Same flexibility as a custom orthotic but with enough rigidity. Perfect for me, as I am very flat footed. Nearly 100% as to what I would prescribe for myself. Great Product, Very comfortable.

Hanna - Podiatrist and Podiatric Surgeon

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