A good orthotics supplier is more than a lab that you order products from. They are like a partner in your business, supporting you as you serve your patients and build your practice. Offering faster service (so your patients don’t have to wait) and consistent quality (to protect and enhance your professional reputation). And always innovating to provide you with the latest products that give you and your patients better outcomes.

But not all orthotics suppliers are like this. Here is how to tell them apart.

Two Kinds Of Orthotics Labs – Order Takers and Advocates

The most common are ‘order takers’. Sure, they may have a website with a ‘buy now’ function. But in the end, they can ruin your reputation through slow delivery, inconsistent quality, and old technology that keeps you and your practice stuck in the mud.

On the other hand, there are advocates who (in a sense) partner with you to help your patients and build your practice. They are perfectionists when it comes to consistency, with proven systems that ensure accuracy every time. They are sticklers for delivery, never making your patients wait long for their orthotics. They use the best materials so you can feel confident in the products you provide to your patients. And they are always innovating with the latest technology and ideas to give your patients faster, more affordable relief.

How Most Podiatrists Choose Orthotics Labs

Sadly, many Podiatrists make the mistake of choosing a lab based on locality – close to your practice. Or what appears to be good pricing (but often turns out to be an expensive mistake). Or simply staying with their current lab because they don’t know who else to try and they feel stuck with ‘better the devil you know’.

A Better Way To Choose An Orthotics Lab

Choosing the right orthotics lab is like choosing any other critical member of your team. Interview them. Ask them about their processes that ensure quality. Ask them about their technology that ensures a fast turnaround. Ask them about the raw materials that make their orthotics last years. And of course, ask about their guarantees that you and your patients can count on.

Then, once you’re satisfied, ask them for other Podiatrists you can speak with. And call them. Ask about delivery times, mistakes, quality issues, and overall service.

Who Is The Best Orthotics Lab?

Naturally we are proud of the track record and reputation we have earned by providing speedy service (with easy ordering and custom orthotics in just 10-14 days or less), consistent quality (with medical-grade materials and cutting-edge technology), and quality customer service you can count on. 

Plus, we are the only lab that offers ready-made Orthotiks that offer the benefits of a fully custom orthotic but for 70% less cost (and are available instantly). This breakthrough (using the latest technology):

So, if you want an orthotics lab that is more like an advocate than a mere order taker, get in touch today or download our Free Product Guide.

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