Introducing ScriptSprint For Podiatrists:

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The Quickest, Easiest Way To Get Fully Custom Orthotics Delivered To Your Practice In Just 10-14 Days (Or Less)

  • Fully customisable with 12 variables for optimal patient results
  • Made from medical-grade material guaranteed to last
  • Easy-fill Prescription Form (takes just minutes to complete)
  • Delivered in just 10-14 days (don’t wait weeks)

Say Goodbye To The Old, Outdated Way
To Order Custom Orthotics

Like many Podiatrists trying to provide excellence in patient care, perhaps you are:

  • Disappointed by slow delivery that forces your patients to endure an extra 2-6 weeks of pain while they wait for their orthotics to be ready… and wish there was a faster way to get custom orthotics?
  • Frustrated by manufacturing mistakes resulting in remakes that erode your profits and damage your professional reputation?
  • Disturbed by the increasing prices of custom orthotics… and wish there was an affordable way to get high-quality orthotics for your patients?

A Better Way To Get Custom Orthotics

Ordering custom orthotics for your patients shouldn’t be so hard. And it doesn’t have to be. With ScriptSprint there’s:

  • No more waiting months for custom orthotics to be made. Receive your order within 10-14 days (or less). 
  • No more manufacturing mistakes that erode your profits and compromise your professional reputation. Our meticulous processes and advanced technology ensure your order is accurate every time.  
  • No more outrageous costs that scare patients away after their first appointment. Our modest fees provide unbeatable value for podiatrists and your patients.

ScriptSprint is the quickest, easiest way to get fully custom orthotics delivered to your practice in just 10-14 days or less.

Designed Using 30+ Years and 100,000 Feet of Experience

You can have confidence knowing our clinical lead, Dr. Burke Hugo, already supplied custom orthotics to a large number of Podiatrists and 50,000 patients over the past 30+ years (that’s more than 100,000 happy feet). And the learnings from this experience will be carefully woven into every pair of Orthotiks we provide your patients.

Better Results for Podiatrists And Patients

The latest technology enables us to custom make orthotics to an extremely high degree of acccuracy for optimum patient outcomes, empowering you to grow your reputation and your practice.   

Flexibility, Strength, and Durability

We use the highest quality, medical-grade materials to ensure our orthotics retain form, fit, and function. And we back them with a no-risk 12-month guarantee.

Quick and Easy to Order

Our no-fuss Prescription Form helps you order the perfect orthotic for your patients without wasting your time. Place your order in just minutes.

Easy To Fine-Tune In-Practice

In the rare event your patient feels their Orthotics are not quite right, you can easily adjust them yourself in-practice. Or contact us and we’ll rush you a new pair immediately.

See What Other Podiatrists Are Saying About Orthotiks

"I have had a long history with plantar fasciitis caused by my long standing hours and incorrect footwear as a pharmacist. Adding Ortotiks into my daily footwear has deifnitely been a game changer for me. No more dull aches, and pain. This all thanks to Paul Cummings, one of your excellect team members for introducing this high quality orthotics to me during his visit at our pharmacy.  I also use this for running and it works just as well as my customised insoles. I know it when my insoles are working as I do not get dull aches in my feet straight after a run! I cannot keep quiet about how amazing these insoles are!!"
Kind Regards,

Michelle Tan


Pharmacy 777 Dog Swamp

I cannot keep quiet about how amazing these insoles are. Orthotiks with a K

I just put my Orthotiks through their paces on a six-day traverse of the Western Arthurs in Tasmania. Can highly recommend them. I felt less fatigue at the end of each day.


Get Better Custom Orthotics Today

If you’re looking for a faster, easier, higher-quality orthotic solution for your patients, we invite you to try ScriptSprint and get your next pair of custom orthotics delivered to your practice in just 10-14 days or less.

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