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Are You Looking For Effective, Podiatry-Quality Foot-Pain Solutions…

So You Can Help More Patients Get Happier Feet, And Build A Thriving, Profitable Orthotics Department?

Provides the most common podiatric solutions
Backed by 30+ years’ experience and more than 50,000 pairs of feet
Same quality and effectiveness of custom orthotics for 70% less
Compelling retail display sells the product for you
Generous wholesale prices give you exciting profit margins

Which Of These Challenges Are Prompting You To Look For Better Foot Pain Solutions For Your Customers?

Like many Pharmacists and Retail managers who are dedicated to helping your customers find effective solutions for foot pain, perhaps you’re:

  • Disappointed by traditional off-the-shelf insoles…

    that offer limited therapeutic value and too often end in refunds… and wish there was a podiatry-quality solution that really works (at a great price point)?

  • Frustrated to lose customers (and sales) to Podiatrists and specialist retailers…

    and want a proven off-the-shelf foot pain solution (with good profit margins) you can confidently stock for customers?

  • Looking for a more effective foot pain solution…

    that fixes the most common foot conditions… so you can help more patients and build a thriving, profitable orthotics department?

Orthotiks Are Designed And Researched

To Provide The Most Common Podiatric Treatments

Orthotiks provide numerous benefits in helping to align posture and treat shin splints, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Sever’s Syndrome and other common biomechanical conditions.
More specifically, Orthotiks treat the most common foot pain concerns:

Leg / Muscle Pain Reduces leg muscle pain by supporting the arch and lessening sideways pressure at the heel

Ankle Stress: Reduces ankle stress and sprains by keeping the heel aligned to the leg for greater stability

Arch and Heel Pain: Assists with arch and heel pain by providing support without irritating the heel ligament

Ball of Foot Pain: Reduces pressure and pain under the ball (forefoot joints) of foot and assists with Morton’s Neuroma’s and Metatarsalgia

General Foot Discomfort: Relieves general foot pain by giving improved arch support without edge irritation

How Orthotiks

Help With Common Foot Concerns

While there will always be special circumstances that require a truly custom orthotic (and sometimes even surgery), there are common foot conditions many Australians suffer from at some time in their life.

With new technology developed by a leading Podiatric Surgeon in conjunction with a 3D printing expert and design team, now you can treat the most common conditions:

  • Without losing customers (and sales) to a Podiatrist, specialty retailer, or another pharmacy
  • Without wasting valuable shelf space on expensive products that hardly sell (and offer limited margin)
  • Without stocking generic insoles that offer very little therapeutic benefit (and often end in costly, time-consuming refunds)

Stock Ready-To-Wear-Orthotiks In Your Retail Department

Your customers can get the same quality and efficacy of custom-made orthotics,
for 70% less, and available instantly

Available In Six Sizes

Comfortable pre-made orthotics designed to treat
the most common foot conditions — fast

(sizes XS-XXL)

An Quick Off-The-Shelf Foot Pain Solution

Orthotiks give your customers the quality and effectiveness of custom-made orthotics without the long wait or high cost. Now you can have a quick solution on hand to help your customers with the most common foot problems. Each orthotic is:

  • Perfectly shaped to correct the most common foot problems
  • Flexible for comfortable, everyday wear
  • Intrinsic dome design reduces orthotic thickness to fit in more shoes
  • Won’t weaken over time
  • High heat tolerance maintains form, fit, and function
  • Crafted from semi-rigid engineering plastic

Orthotic Options Compared

Unlike custom orthotics that are expensive and slow to supply… and generic over-the-counter orthotics that offer little therapeutic value… Orthotiks offer relief and therapeutic correction for 70% less than custom orthotics (yet with a similar profit margin for Pharmacists and Retailers).

Here’s a comparison of some of the other features that make Orthotiks a breakthrough in treating the most common foot conditions.

  Custom Made Orthotics Pharmacy-Grade, Off-The-Shelf Orthotics (Insoles!)
Cost To Patient RRP $95-110 RRP $500-$800 depending on individual patient specifications RRP $30-$80
Profit for Pharmacist / Retailer $[amount] $0 through traditional Podiatrists (or generous margin through our Script Sprint service) $5-$15
Effectiveness & Therapeutic Quality Designed to treat the most common foot concerns, with no additional customisation required Designed to treat individual foot issues, on a customised, patient-by-patient basis Not designed to be customised to specific foot concerns -- effectiveness may vary
Manufacturing Quality Medical-grade manufacturing processes backed by advanced engineering processes Medical-grade manufacturing processes Differs based on product and price
Manufacturing Materials Medical-grade semi-rigid engineering plastic, and are completely recyclable Traditional medical-grade materials Many are made from low-density foams that easily compress, lose shape and therefore lose control
Product Lifespan Long-term Long-term Speed Of Manufacturing & Fulfilment
Speed Of Manufacturing & Fulfilment Available immediately Can take 2-8 weeks to manufacture to exact specifications Available immediately
Performance Guarantee Guaranteed performance for 12 months, or your money back Based on each podiatrist Depends on product
Patient Fit Can try them on ‘off the shelf’ Must wait to verify fit, and in some cases can fit incorrectly Can try them on in the pharmacy
Customised Fit Semi-custom fit, although customised orthotics can be ordered via a podiatrist Yes No
TGA Approval TGA Approved Check with your podiatrist Check with individual product

About the Creator of Orthotiks

After successfully treating more than 50,000 patients over 30+ years, Dr. Burke Hugo discovered that the majority of patients could be helped by orthotics that had very similar qualities*.

Dr. Burke teamed up with Orthotics Made Easy, a leading 3D Printing Company and, after years of development and testing, they have perfected an orthotic that relieves and corrects the most common podiatric problems.

This breakthrough in foot-pain treatment gives many sufferers the same quality and effectiveness of custom-made orthotics, for up to 70% less. Orthotiks are available to order online or over-the-counter at an Approved Pharmacy or Approved Foot Care Professional.

Dr. Burke Hugo
Your Next Step:

How To Become an Approved Orthotiks Stockist

If you’d like a more effective podiatry-quality foot-pain solution so you can:

  • Give faster relief to your customers (and the massive market of 89% of Australians who suffer foot pain)
  • Stock a podiatry-quality foot-pain solution you can confidently recommend (without the worry of refunds)
  • Give customers the same quality and effectiveness of custom-made orthotics for 70% less
  • Make a healthy profit margin on each sale
  • Help more patients and boost sales and profits…

Orthotiks may be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Here’s how to get more information and apply to become a stockist:

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