Orthotiks Product Guide Shows Podiatrists, Pharmacies and Allied Health Partners How To Provide A Better, Faster Orthotic Service (With Higher Margins)

How To Better Help Current And Future Patients

Helping patients solve their podiatric problems shouldn’t be so difficult, expensive, or drawn out. In this brand-new product guide, Dr. Burke Hugo, Associate Professor and Acting Head of Division/Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at UWA, explains how to provide a better, faster orthotic service (with higher margins).

Just 10 minutes with this quick-read product guide will help you get better outcomes for your patients and your business because you’ll discover:

  • The two biggest complaints patients have about off-the-shelf innersoles (Note: It’s not price)
  • The 3 biggest problems with traditional, custom orthotics (and how you can overcome these shortfalls)
  • You only have two treatment choices, right: Custom made orthotics that many patients can’t afford, or cheap off-the-shelf innersoles that do little to nothing. Wrong. See this alternative that gives custom-made benefits at slightly more than off-the-shelf pricing.
  • Plantar Fasciitis — how this simple ‘groove’ relieves the pain (and offers true therapeutic correction)
  • Some of the latest science on Heel Post Angle
  • The secret to making Orthotiks both effective and comfortable
  • How technology is eliminating ordering mistakes and producing orthotics that give better health outcomes
  • How to get thinner, stronger, more effective semi and fully custom Orthotiks — faster, cheaper, and with better margins

About the Creator of Orthotiks

After successfully treating more than 50,000 patients over 30+ years, Dr. Burke Hugo discovered that the majority of patients could be helped by orthotics that had very similar qualities*.

Dr. Burke teamed up with Orthotics Made Easy, a leading 3D Printing Company and, after years of development and testing, they have perfected an orthotic that relieves and corrects the most common podiatric problems.

This breakthrough in foot-pain treatment gives many sufferers the same quality and effectiveness of custom-made orthotics, for up to 70% less. Orthotiks are available to order online or over-the-counter at an Approved Pharmacy or Approved Foot Care Professional.

Dr. Burke Hugo

Medical Professionals:
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